Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where is the love?

So there I was, happily chipping away at the various achievements for the lovely holiday of lovely hearts, lovely pink stuff and lovely tokens that buy lovely little trinkets.

And while I sat at my recently purchased lovely picnic basket somewhere in dalaran filching through the lovely achievements for this lovely holiday plotting my course through them to hopefully get the lovely title I paused for a moment.

All the achievements seemed very much doable. Time consuming maybe but very much doable within a day or two or more if you're on the lazy side and with that I thought, lovely while I quested away on my priest collecting lovely little charm bracelets and turning them into tokens.

I must've done this for about an hour or so making good progress xp wise and ending up about a half a level off of 73 before I went back into town to burn off some of the lovely tokens I had gathered on the lovely valentine's vendor.

I decided to pick up a couple of love fools to get the pity the fool achievement out of the way, hopped on my lovely mount flew out of dalaran towards lovely naxxramas and...

... then it hit me. There was no chance in hell I was going to march my level 72 priest into a naxx raid anytime soon due to the level 80 restriction.

My hopes for getting a nice title out of the whole endeavour lay shattered before me. I could either try and pick it up on a different (level 80) character or not but no matter how much time I was willing to invest in it or how much I was willing to do endless repetetive runs for it there was simply no chance in hell my priest was going to walk out of this event with a title.

Why this particular title is completely out of reach for a low *caugh* level is beyond me and to make things worse they could've swapped out one of the achievements that's not in the meta achievement for 'I pity the fool' and it would've been fine.

... lovely.


Leah said...

do you have to be inside Naxxramas, or just by the summoning stone? because when you are by those portals, it still says Naxx, even if you are not inside

worth a check anyways :P

Captain The First said...

you have to be inside I tried it next to the stone and it didn't work. maybe I just picked the wrong spot but it say naxx on the minimap

Butterrcup said...

I love your blog!

Big Wally said...

I agree. Somewhat annoys me that I can't get 6 of the dungeon elders because A) more or less without a guild, B) everyone that cares has already done them. Even at level 80!

Anonymous said...

Did the same with the elders :(

Anonymous said...

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