Friday, November 27, 2009

Review Time

The last 6 months I had more or less dedicated my progression to my various lowbies (of which, I am sure you won't remember, had quite a few) and since it's now officially a tradition (sadly lacking a name) it's time to take a look how NoobDing is doing with it's character progression.

Taking a swift look back to a post in may we can see that I was doing an average about half a level a day there and about 198 levels to go to the magical mark of 800 levels or 10 level 80's if that makes more sense.

With the Cataclysm looming in the distance which would tack another 50 levels onto that number I am quite interested to see how I got on over the last six months and how much I have left to go.

The last status in march (number in brackets denouncing the increase since my review before that):

Capsize - lvl 80 undead warlock (+10)
Capstone - lvl 80 blood elf paladin (+10)
Capricious - lvl 70 troll hunter (+6)
Capibara - lvl 80 tauren druid (+12)
Capone - lvl 43 Orc rogue (+0)
Capeesh - lvl 34 Orc warrior (+3)
Capacitate - lvl 44 undead priest (+9)
Capitulate - lvl 58 Blood elf mage (+18)
Capow - lvl 50 Tauren shaman (+15)
Capsickle - lvl 63 Orc Death Knight (+8 from 55)

And with that the magic numbers for november 2009:

Capsize - lvl 80 undead warlock (capped)
Capstone - lvl 80 blood elf paladin (capped)
Capricious - lvl 71 troll hunter (+1)
Capibara - lvl 80 tauren druid (capped)
Capone - lvl 70 Orc rogue (+27)
Capeesh - lvl 67 Orc warrior (+33)
Capacitate - lvl 70 undead priest (+26)
Capitulate - lvl 72 Blood elf mage (+14)
Capow - lvl 70 Tauren shaman (+20)
Capsickle - lvl 72 Orc Death Knight (+9)

A total gain of 130 levels which is still not quite a level a day but definitely a solid improvement. The most interesting part of this is that I am now only 68 levels away from being fully capped which at the current averages and my tendency for laziness over the holiday puts me at fully capped status in march/april 2010. Will it be enough time to hit fully capped before cataclysm? Hard to say...

On the less analytical side I have to say that I had a horrible and I mean absolutely horrible time levelling my rogue. Normally I'd blame the fact that I make a better ranged person than a melee person but the absolute lack of healing potential has made levelling my rogue an arduous task. Using stealth helps but tends to slow the killing down. On the other hand not killing things right away on a rogue is a sin you can only fix through resetting the entire battle. And that despite the fact that he's dragging around a good 4 heirlooms which should make him at least gear-wise superior to any mob on his level.

Joining the list of now less popular characters is much to my own surprise the priest. There's something about the priest that strikes me as sluggish and inefficient. Perhaps the spells don't lock in place like I want them to or the killing speed is just too mediocre but I can rarely motivate myself to pick him up despite loving the shield spells.

The hunter together with the warlock and paladin have received a lot of 'alternative love'. While the hunter is now proudly running around on a venomhide mount and has a good chunk of exploration completed the warlock and pally decided to lift themselves in some good old deadly/furious gladiator gear which really upped the survivability for my warlock tremendously (in pvp, the only place it really is an issue).

The druid is off in dreamland considering a tanking set that he'll probably never get together and the mage has been sent to the mines to crank out titansteel bars on a daily basis.

Overall in the last 6 months the biggest personal surprise was the warrior. Whilst in the beginning his self healing and staying power were lackluster at best now at level 60+ with some gear on him I can really tell the difference as he tears through things with few delays.

I finally understand all the wayward comments about how gear dependant warriors really are (although I suppose they meant protection) and by that I mean I finally understand they didn't mean you have to be all epicced out but with some decent gear on the warrior can go from pacifistic turtle to no holds barred rampaging warmonger... wish someone would've told me earlier.

All in all I've gotten a clearer understanding of what each character entails... and whilst I am still a natural warlock I am definitely looking forward to putting those last 10 levels on most characters especially to see if the rogue and priest will redeem themselves somewhere along the way.

And you? How are your alts doing?


LarĂ­sa said...

I've been busy gearing up my mage until now, not having much time for my alts outside of the raids. But now things are a bit slow waiting for IC. It's alt time! So I've finally rolled a DK just to see the DK-chain thing. It was cool and fun but I doubt she'll get any higher than 58. My rogue is still 80, with just a little bit of naxx gear and I can't really find the motivation to work on her. My druid is 68 and I first took her to Northrend but then decided that it was probably easier to level her in SMW. She's been stuck a while though. My latest project is a female dwarf hunter! I've always wondered what it is like to have a combat pet. Now she's lvl 10 and I guess I'll soon find out. Not sure she'll ever reach max level. But so far it's been fun.

Copernicus said...

My alts are coming along nicely

Druid - 80
Shaman - 80
Warlock - 80
Paladin - 80
Priest - 80
Rogue - 71
Mage - 70
Hunter - 35
Death Knight - unmade, but planned
Warrior - deleted twice

The priest is my most recent 80, and I've spec'd him discipline for raid and instance healing. It's a world of difference from resto shaman healing, but fun nonetheless. I think shadow DPS is pretty boring, but it's effective for doing dailies and such.

The rogue and mage will be coming up soon, but I'll probably bring the hunter up to the 40s or 50s first. A DK is in my future, but as of yet unmade. I've tried starting a warrior twice, but they just don't feel right to me. I deleted them both before they hit 25. Maybe someday I'll get over that hump.

However, my son has a level 60 warrior on my account. Does that count? :-D

Captain The First said...

@Larissa: Hah yeah the best thing about a DK is that first chain of quests, beyond that it really does feel like a warlock in plate but it's overall quite a fun way to play if you spec around a bit. The hunter is a nice low impact character, I put another 4 levels on mine just prodding around northrend without being all too serious.

@Capernicus: Frankly playing a shadow priest makes me want to start over as a warlock but if you enjoy the healing part I guess being a priest isn't all that horrible. I feel your pain on the warrior... before outland those things are just plain horrible. With a decent fury spec and a bloodthirst glyph and some outland or higher gear on em they tend to come loose a bit. Its your account so slave labour by your son counts ... it's either that or to RAF a warrior :)

Anonymous said...

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