Thursday, June 18, 2009

3.2 change summary

Well it looks like the next patch is going to be a whole new ball-game in terms of transportation. Mount requirements and cost are going down accross the board, we're looking at extensions to and for the argent tournament and there's even a new BG in the making.

For those of you that haven't checked up on the patch notes for 3.2 yet and actually read noobding instead (catering to really small audiences here) have a look at my summarized version of all the news out there in regards to 3.2.. As usual in no particular order:

1. The argent tournament colloseum will be completed and will include new 10 / 25 man raid dungeons available through an unlock system
2. Mount requirements are going down across the board. Epic land mounts at 40, normal mounts at 20, travel abilities at 16 and regular flying at 60 and the cost has been slashed for mounts as well (we're talking hundreds of gold less, hold off on collecting mounts for now).
3. A plethora of class changes and profession changes and with a little luck shamans will be the happy owner of a new totem management bar and hopefully a little bit smoother gameplay.
4. New heirlooms a few of which will come with additional xp bonusses that stack with the old one now allowing for up to 20% faster xp generation.
5. An upgraded squire that you can use as a bank/vendor or mail.
6. 2 new quest hubs in icecrown
7. Isle of conquest battleground added supposedly a bit of a spin-off of Arathi Basin's location cap concept.
8. A zeppelin that will go from TB to OGR (horde rejoice)
9. New portals connecting capitol cities to the dark portal and a flight path from there to shattrath

That's the crux of the changes without highlighting particular classes or professions. I am definitely holding off on commenting on those since they're never carved in stone. And since there's no warlock changes announced I really have nothing good to rant about anyway.

If there's a particular topic that strikes your fancy let me know and I'll see if I can conjure up some details


Misamane said...

I'm part of that small audience that reads NoobDing regularly and tries to stay far away from the forums, lol.

I'm a tiny bit annoyed that I just finished my rush to 50 mounts a bit ago...lots of wasted gold, but really, riding my drake around is probably worth it.

Let's do this by number, shall we?

1. Raids available through the Tourney grounds? I wonder if that's kind of an "Oh shit, Northrend is small...we can just put a few portals in a circle over here," thing, lol.

2. All the mount changes come at a good time for me...RAF leveling 5-6 toons to 60 with a buddy at the moment, and it looks like we'll be grabbing some flying mounts at 60 and hoofing it around BC content in style.

3. Good to hear Shammies are getting their own bar. My shaman is like lvl 20 and I'm already sick of totem buttons.

4. Yay! Wait, I RAF...does it stack? I'll take 320% exp if I can get it. (or if it gave me 20% extra of the 300%...360% exp...I's 3am don't quote me.)

5. Makes me sad that I slacked off on the Tourney dailies. I could be close, but after the Hippogryph and 5 mounts I have...well, zero seals...time to start working again.

6. I've done I think 14 quests in Icecrown not related to the Argent Tournament. Meh. *adds quests to his long list of shit to do*

7. I love AB, and tbh, I haven't stepped foot into a new BG yet. Hopefully this will be for the win.

8. My F@%^ing God, it's about time for an Org-TB zep. That's the most annoying run ever. Now give me an Arathi Highlands - Badlands zep and I'll be happy, hahaha.

9. The walk to the Dark Portal has always been a fun thing for me, but if they can port me there, hell yeah I'll take your portal! But I must admit...I always turn my UI off, toggle run/walk to WALK and swagger through the portal with a kind of unbridled glee. Then on the other side I usually yell some obscenity-filled proclamation of all the wonderful things I'll accomplish before jumping on the zep to Northrend. The FP to Shatt is crap. If you can't ride your epic mount through that little strip of Zangarmarsh, you don't deserve to be in Shatt! (The tiny valley between Hellfire and Zang is a nail-biting fun fest, especially if the people you're with pull aggro, get stunned, and die.)

Long comment, but please know you're quickly becoming my favorite blog. (of course, if Vonya decides to keep posting on Ego after her break, you have to settle for second, hehe.)


*vlad* said...

"And since there's no warlock changes announced I really have nothing good to rant about anyway."

Ah don't worry, there is bound to be a nerf in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Fear needs another nerf... and affliction has way to many instant casts!

Misamane said...

I'm thinking "Warlocks can no longer cast spells." should pretty much get their point across, right?

Start raising your staff melee skill!


Fish said...

Is it just me, or do you think locks should be able to summon a doomguard?

I have a bunch of toons I'm leveling to 60 and 70, and a bunch that still have regular mounts just cuz, well, I'm cheap, broke, and have too many alts, so the mount changes are welcomed. I do think 60 is a little early for flying though, 65 would be a little more appropriate I think.

Captain The First said...

I am still waiting for the: Warlock spells had their soulshard costs adjusted - all spells now require from 1 - 5 soulshards.

I wonder if we went a wee bit off-topic here :P

Captain The First said...

@misame: I would suppose the heirloom xp would stack. i.e. you get 300 from rentafriend 10% from heirloom 1 and another 10% from heirloom 2 you'd have 320 not 300 + 30 + 33.

Basically it's always over the base xp.

Can't wait for the zep from org to tb and vice versa... that used to be a really long flight. Mind you if the zep isn't any faster then the whole thing becomes a moot point.

Anonymous said...

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