Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When is enough?

I've been looking at the gear on my warlock lately and whilst it is far from impressive (a batch of kara purples mixed with some pvp purples and a dabbling of blues/greens) I wonder sometimes if it's not enough as it is.

Sure if you're heavily invested in raiding and really have a hunger for the 10s, 25s and 40 mans out there there is a significant need to keep upgrading your equipment (so they say).

But how much of that really applies to the casual player? Do we even have time for larger raids? I for one struggled enough with cleaning my schedule up enough to squeeze in the occasional 4hour raid and attempting to do this more than twice a week was generally met by a storm of dissaproval from my better half.

What justification could I possibly have spending hours on end grinding things like badges for gear upgrades that already mean very little to me? Sure it would be nice to pick up a few top-shelf badge items but in the end I am not playing for gear I am playing for fun. The fun of summoning people 2000 yards under the ocean or having a good laugh at one of the millions of easter-eggs hidden in the game.

I am not on a 10,25,40 man progression path (not anymore anyway). I can already hold my own in (heroic) 5-mans and my lock is always welcome in a mechanar forey. So in essence one could argue that my gear is 'enough' for what I am doing.

I think at some point we simply have to ask ourselves the question: Do I want to keep gearing up a character even if it brings little to no return or do I at some point decide to jump off the gearing train and find something else to do?

Our gear 'will' become outdated... so are we just gearing up for the sake of gearing up?

I took my pally through RFC a few times the other day. I didn't get any decent gear but I had more fun doing it than I ever had doing a 5man.
The closer I get to 70 and gear that I'd consider 'enough' the more interest I develop for doing things like running Azerothian instances and doing some mild world pvp in the various zones like silithus.

We'll all be sporting WotLK greens soon enough and we'll have nothing to show for our efforts except the questionable honor of having done Kara, ZA, SSC etc. before it could be 2 manned.

When is enough?

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Val said...

I know what you mean!

My answer, personally, is "heroics geared". That's far enough for my casual toons, and it gives openings for occasional raids when friends are in need and I have the time (once a week at most).

I got my Mage geared up to be able to do Heroics back in December, and then got caught up in raiding a wee bit and got a lot of badge rewards so now my Mage is nicely decked out and I can "freelance raid" and perform well, which I like... but I'm not doing heroics with him regularly anymore because what's the point?

Now I'm getting my next to 70 (and some others to 60), so when the expansion comes out I'll have a number of different ways to see the expansion stuff - watching deathknights in 60-70 and playing the new instances from 70-80.

I find Heroics to be interestingly challenging, and the level of player you find there vs the players you partied with in early Outland is way different, which is fun in itself.

But it all takes a lot of time, so ... ultimately I'm just having fun :)

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