Monday, April 14, 2008

PVP and me

So the last few days I have had a quick introduction to PVP by a fellow warlock and my good old lock is now somewhat heavily invested in scrounging up alterac valley marks.

Ironically enough despite the large quantity of pvp people out there no one seems to know anything about pvp. Or at least not the people I have spoken too. Presumably the l33t1sts and the ikantspel crowd know more but it'd take me longer to decrypt their ramblings than it would just reading a random pvp'ers blog.

So I am completely in the dark on how this pvp season thing works. I'd say there would be a new season at a regular interval, but what that interval may be seems to be generally unknown and even big blue doesn't want to shed light on that.

Which means after 3 days of a few hours of PVP I am now sitting on about 25k honor and something in the neighbourhood of 50 alterac valley marks and no idea whether or not it would be a good idea to spend them on something.

It's awfully tempting but also utterly pointless if I accidentally burn up all my points / marks just a short time before the next season.

On the mechanics side of things everything is just like pve only the targets move around a bit more erratically. Beyond that I can't really sense any form of stratagem driving either side of the valley.

Essentially this means I will go for the honor cap (75k apparantly) scrounge up as many marks as I can in that honor period and with a little luck the next season will be here before I start spending all those points.

After that it's back to pve for me because PVP isn't as challenging as I thought it would be in the battlegrounds (as long as I can keep those stabby rogues off me that is) even with pve gear.